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For Y

By Simin

Gazing into the moonlight, 
I was ready to embark, to explore,
yet a sudden interference 
seemed to break it all.
I recall that night,
when heat engulfed my body,
yet coldness and fear 
won over daily. Like a blanket of 
darkness collapsed upon me. 
The pent up frustration grows, 
as I ache over sleepless nights, 
troubled with the storms 
raging within me.
When will this come to an end? 
The countless fights…
clouded my path to light. 
Caught in this cycle of rain and shine,
with short visits resembling 
butterflies time to time
The volatility of it all led to abandoned 
Adventures to far away lands.
Heavens! Even some storms pulled me near the edge
of the cliff called life once, and man….
I was taken aback, to think that 
a youthful chapette like me,
was once so nearly reaped in by death himself! 
Despite the dingy skies, glimmers
of ray still pass through the little pockets of life. 
To my loved ones who lift me up 
I breathe a breath of gratitude for the strength 
they have given me, transforming me into 
the Luna I am today.
However weathered I was at times, 
the nurture enabled me to stand tall, 
to be braver and to take on life’s walls. 

Author's Note

Y's story helped me understand individuals in our community whose stories are often unheard of. She was really open about sharing her struggles with Lupus & immunodeficiency, as well as the overall story of her life. I was really inspired by her life experiences. I wouldn't have learned about it if it wasn’t for this opportunity, showing me how veiled their struggles are, and so I hope there is more awareness brought to these individuals in our community. Y in particular gave me a broadened perspective on life, and her story went a long way in teaching me about attaining a new outlook and widening my perspectives.

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