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填词·永遇乐·孤城 (Reborn)

For Quelle

By 盏









Amidst the autumn as wild geese flee,
from all four corners rise signal flare smoke.
There, the castle stands alone.

Those who came before us lamented of how 
wills are sanded away by this fallen earth.

Pain cuts through the bone,
muscles seize in agony,
they say our heroes have been pushed past their breaking point.

In my reminiscing,
my spirit soars with the wind,
my heart carrying the colours of all touched by the heavens.

Can I bear with a banal life? 
One thought stays:
the ashes remain — a testament to the flames. 

Arduous odyssey of three years,
through a thousand vicissitudes,
how could I betray my past dreams?

I turn back,
gazing upon the lone castle,
blood and flesh reforged.

I reflect again,
upon this life I fought so hard for,
I strive forth — regretting nothing.

Author's Note

By interviewing Quelle, I realised that autoimmune diseases can weaken one’s body but not one’s spirit. After she was diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome and Fibromyalgia, Quelle found new goals and fights for them. She is a hero of her own. Therefore, I was inspired by 辛弃疾 (Xin Qiji), a poet who fought for his country till his last breath. Both Quelle and 辛弃疾 share the same fighting spirit. 

The poem illustrates the full range of emotions, from despair and isolation, to picking herself up and fighting for her dreams again.

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