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The Red Spark

For Zuo Ann

By Si Min 

We applaud as a bright red head pops into the room,

Her perky voice lights us out of gloom

As she tells her story full of joy

One cannot help but wonder

How masked her troubles must have been


Much like a ruby hidden under rubble

After years of hardships and drilling

We can finally reveal the treasure

That lies underneath and

The red spark that shines through


What she has others might

Not yet see

She is a strong one

Though her body plea

Her not to be


As she wanders through the expedition of life,

Holding onto much courage, faith

And support given by those around her,

Miss Red emerged victorious

from her multiple battles.


She dreams of helping those like her,

She dreams of love,

Having received the like from her family.

She hopes to give an abundance of that

To others, having received much herself.


Oh My, Myasthenia Gravis?

It will always be a part of Miss Red

But her fiery passion never dulled the spark

Even with the Brittle bones, droopy lids, they will not stop

Miss Red from making Her mark on the world


She never seizes to amaze as she sings:

“To be a champion at life, is to conquer all odds,

even when Life throws you a curveball and makes you


She swerves and rises from the lowest lows,

With Faith along, to help her brave through the piles of snow.

Author's Note

Listening to Zuo Ann’s story, I felt a huge sense of passion and excitement, and I wanted to portray that in the poem! Despite her struggles living with Myasthenia Gravis, she was able to overcome her obstacles and work towards her life goals. I wanted to weave in her unwavering spirit and outlook towards life as I looked up to it. Her bright red hair also reminded me of her zealousness towards life—which is why I felt that the colour red was aligned with her story and her personality. I learnt a lot about what those with autoimmune diseases struggle with, and I hope readers can gain a similar insight as well!

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