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Most Inspiring Caregiver - Honourable Mention - Hoi Chau

In March 2021, we asked you for stories about caregivers who were selfless in taking on the responsibilities of care of others so we could give these people a token of our gratitude and recognition of their big hearts.

My father is a very giving and patient man. My mother has various chronic conditions while I have fibromyalgia and other medical conditions. Ever since my parents were retrenched, my father, a certified chief mechanic, switched to being a taxi driver so that he can drive us around whenever we need, to our medical appointments and during my pregnancy.

Both my mother and I are generally able to do mild exercises but can have very bad pain and fatigue until we are unable to get out of bed at times. My father will volunteer to send my child to his various classes, do the household chores and cook for us or buy back meals for us.

He diligently does his exercises every morning so that he can continue to be in good health condition for all of us. Although these are simple recurring gestures, it is not easy for him as he is 70 years old this year.

We are very touched by his selflessness. He gave up his job, ego and pride for us ♡ I hope to share this story as family support is the most important and your loved ones are the most forgiving and empathetic to you, endlessly loving you!

We would like to thank Ivy for sharing your story of family love and care and respect for each other.

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