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Most Inspiring Caregiver - Honourable Mention - *Mr. Lee

In March 2021, we asked you for stories about caregivers who were selfless in taking on the responsibilities of care of others so we could give these people a token of our gratitude and recognition of their big hearts.

*Ben has intellectual disability and autism. He shares a very close relationship with his father, Mr. Lee who takes on a primary caregiving role together with his wife. However, because his wife has physical health issues, Mr. Lee puts in a lot of effort to care for both wife and son.

Mr. Lee helps to care for Ben by bringing him out into the community and spending precious time with him. Because Ben sometimes hits his head when he is frustrated, it breaks Mr. Lee's heart yet spurs him on to bring the best quality of life to Ben as possible.

Mr. Lee knows that Ben enjoys going out, so he will always take time to bring him to as many places as possible. Due to COVID-19, Ben is unable to go to Johor Bahru for short family car rides, so Mr. Lee had to be creative and bring him to staycations and others' houses. He also takes a part time job so as to spend more time with his family. Mr Lee's love for his family is truly inspiring!

We would like to thank Julia for sharing Mr. Lee's story of his care for his son, Ben. #ADSG#InspiringCareGiver

*Pseudonyms have been used.

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