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Most Inspiring Caregiver - Top 3 awardees - Ivy Yong

In March 2021, we asked you for stories about caregivers who were selfless in taking on the responsibilities of care of others so we could give these people a token of our gratitude and recognition of their big hearts.

Vivian was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy, (intermediate severity), for 2 decades or more and has been bedridden since. Her mother, Ivy Yong has been taking of her since then. Ivy is not only her mother. She is also Vivian’s world.

Being a single mum, she has taken care of Vivian 24/7, from doing massage for her, ensuring medications are taken on time, doing tube feeding, accompanying, motivating, and assisting her in tasks. Since Vivian was diagnosed, Ivy has dedicated all her time to Vivian and has little to no time for herself. Her love and support keep Vivian very positive about facing her medical condition and life. To help lighten Ivy’s financial burden and despite only being able to move her eyes only, Vivian started her online business, Vivian Bao Kah Liao.

As her family friend, I witness their closeness and how Ivy’s love for Vivian shapes her positivity towards her life and spreads joy to people around her.

We would like to thank Ms. Tang Swee Yi for sharing Ivy’s story of love, support, and hope.

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