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Most Inspiring Caregiver - Top 3 - Jeamilyn Pabiton Bias

In March 2021, we asked you for stories about caregivers who were selfless in taking on the responsibilities of care of others so we could give these people a token of our gratitude and recognition of their big hearts.

Jamie, our Foreign Domestic Worker, has been the cheerleader in our family for 13 years now!

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in June 2011 after two years of living with various diffuse symptoms. I consulted 10 different specialists and even travelled to India to find a diagnosis. It was Jamie who took care of my home and family when my 3 children were in school.

Fortunately, she didn’t need to care for me directly. I’m grateful for her cheerful disposition that kept the household functioning on a daily basis. I could be hospitalised, fatigued, and in bed for extended durations of time. It is due to her help, that I didn’t need to force myself to attend to household chores.

For the past 3 years, my in-laws from India moved in with us due to their frailty, advanced ages, and various medical conditions. Jamie does most of the caregiving tasks for my FIL, including transferring him. These are quite taxing for anyone yet she does with a smile and with a genuine caring heart.

Owing to the tremendous support from Jamie, I could establish the Crohn’s & Colitis Society of Singapore in 2012 and support patients living with these autoimmune diseases. My entire family is extremely grateful to her.

We would like to thank Nidhi Swarup for sharing Jamie’s story of care and support for her entire family and the recognition of Jamie's caregiving work.

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